Policy for Inclusion of All Children

A Family Voice in Goal Setting and Priorities

Policy for the Inclusion of all Children

Mount Hamilton Baptist Day Care is a fully integrated child care centre. We believe that every child is unique and all children belong and have a right to participate. The Centre accommodates many children and families with unique needs.

The Centre maintains a working relationship with Community Living and Special Needs Resourcing so that the support of a resource teacher can be available where warranted.

Every effort is made to fully integrate special needs children into all aspects of the program with accommodations being made to support the individual needs and learning styles of every child. The Centre encourages the involvement of community clinicians to provide their input and expertise to ensure the needs of the child are met. This may include treatments that take place in the Centre (speech and language), providing reports to the Resource Teacher and staff which can then be implemented as needed, physical adjustment to furniture and equipment etc. In keeping with our mission statement; “In partnership with families…”, on-going communication is a priority. Regular dialogue takes place to ensure the family has a voice in the goal setting and priorities for their child.