Building Positive Relationships

in a Fun Learning Environment

Day Care Centre in Hamilton

At Pumpkin Patch we hold children in high esteem, and we believe strongly that every child not only has a right to participate but also has a contribution to make. Our main focus is on building relationships. We attempt to create an atmosphere of trust, love and caring where children are emotionally connected and part of the bigger community. We are inclusive of children with all different needs and different learning styles. As children build confidence in themselves they are willing to engage in new activities and become active learners. Through sharing God’s love and promoting Christian values the children become very accepting of others and often don’t see differences, looking beyond abilities, races and language barriers. By creating a fun learning environment, children at Pumpkin Patch are able to learn through play and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Mission Statement

In Partnership with Families, Mt. Hamilton Baptist Day Care, “Pumpkin Patch”, provides a professionally led, child centred program, in a Christian environment.

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Our Philosophy

Our Centre places a huge emphasis on building positive relationships; facilitating children’s social skill development at every opportunity. Children's personal growth is fostered through their participation in both individual and group activities.

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Social Development

We are fortunate to have partnered with the University of Brighton in the U.K. to be the only child care centre in Canada to implement the Working With Others Program. This program approach recognizes the importance of relationships as key to providing a safe, secure and accessible learning environment for all children. Its training and support for teachers is guided by 4 fundamental areas:

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